Press Start: A new and original Virtual Reality adventure!

Press Start: A new and original Virtual Reality adventure!

We are proud to present our new adventure from our production studio  : Press Start

Available since 24th of November, discover now all secrets of this new original mission.


A real odyssey in the Video Games world ! 

Press Start Image de jeu

With Press Start, you will be immersed in the heart of a new adventure in the video game world. Combining reflection, puzzles and shooting phases, this mission will introduce you to 4 new worlds, inspired by the greatest classics of video games.

Aspired by an arcade machine with a retro look, you will travel through several worlds with iconic references (an invasion from space, a famous plumber, a young hero seeking to save his princess …) and you will also have to face an artificial intelligence to save the real world to its certain destruction. An odyssey through the retro gaming worlds and arcade games to take you nostalgically back to the 80s.


New challenges and game mechanics !

After 16 months of development, Press Start is finally ready, with its new features such as exploration and scoring.

No more automated teleportation, you can now move wherever you want, in all universes. These much larger levels can now be explored with a single click by pointing the joystick where you want to go. Immersion is guaranteed! A new mode of movement has been designed to avoid any motion sickness ; that discomfort that it can be felt sometimes during a lower-quality VR experience.

A collaborative game, where you can challenge yourself between players throughout the game and try to get the best score to be on the highest step of the podium. Let’s play!